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HBRC Grants

Hawkes Bay Regional Council grants and funding options 

Hawkes Bay Regional Council has the following grants and funding options available for installing a clean heat source (such as a heat pump) in your home.

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Grant Details

Heat Smart Loan 

This option is for properties inside Airshed 1 or 2 wishing to replace a non-compliant wood burner. 

 You may apply for a loan of up to $4500.00 to replace a non-compliant wood burner with a clean heat source. Interest rate is 2% and is repayable on your Hawkes Bay Regional Council rates.


Heat Smart Grant

 As an alternative to the above, a non-repayable grant is available. You must be removing a non-compliant wood burner and be replacing it with a clean heat source and your home must be inside Airshed 1 or 2.

 Grants are claimed when the fire has been replaced. The grant is either:

·       $700 (incl GST) if invoiced by a supplier, who can pass it on to you as a discount or,

·       $608 GST exclusive if paid directly to you.

 Confirmation from a supplier that the old fire has been removed or decommissioned will be required to qualify for the grant and payments can be made direct in your bank account.

To find out if your property falls within Airshed 1 or 2, please use the Hawkes Bay Regional Council’s map -  


Sustainable Homes Loan 

 If your home is outside of Airshed 1 or 2 or you do not wish to replace your wood burner but would like a secondary heat source, you are able to apply for a sustainable homes loan of up to $20,000.00 with an interest rate of 4%. 

Coast Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  Limited are approved suppliers for the Hawkes Bay Regional Council and can help with all the paper work associated with applying for any of the above grants or loans.

 If you are considering installing a heat pump in your home, give us a call. We can assist with finding the best solution for your needs.

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