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Heat Pumps - What are the Benefits?


Heat Pump Efficiency

Heating a modern home with a heat pump is one of the most efficient forms of heating on the planet and is used for this purpose all over the world.

Heating and air conditioning can come in so many different makes models shapes and sizes and it is the most important thing that the correct equipment is chosen for each installation to ensure it works effectively and efficiently in the environment in which its installed.

There are many things to consider when heating or cooling a home with an air conditioning system. Where to put it? What size should it be?

Installing a Heat Pump - Correctly assessing your needs

  • We will visit your home or office or work from new plans to design a system that suits your environment.
  • We ensure the system will meet the demands of Hawkes Bays changing seasons.
  • We can answer any questions you may have and provide professional advise from experienced people.

How does a heat pump work?

Heat Pumps in the Winter


In winter heating mode, the outdoor unit heat exchanger takes heat energy from the surrounding outdoor air using refrigerant as the heat transfer medium.

Next, the heated refrigerant is pumped through copper pipes to the indoor units heat exchanger. The heat energy is then transferred to the cooler indoor room. This is achieved via the air passing over the indoor heat exchanger.

Heat Pumps in the Summer


In summer cooling mode the indoor units heat exchanger is used to absorb heat energy from the indoor room air using refrigerant as the heat transfer medium cooling the room air.

The refrigerant is then sucked back to the outdoor unit through copper pipes and the heat energy is transferred into the outside air via the outdoor unit's heat exchanger.

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