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About Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is very important in our indoor environments to control moisture levels /excess heat or fumes. With ventilation we can recycle or replace the air in these environments to improve air quality. This can improve the comfort levels in your home or workplace it can have large health benefits reducing allergies and germs in the air we breath .

We install heat transfer systems in the home to ventilate and dissipate heat evenly throughout the home. These are ideal in a home with a primary heat source (wood burner) in a main living area using the heat transfer system installed in the roof space we can transfer that warm dry air to any cooler rooms in the house.

We can install fresh air systems to inject outside air into an internal office space where fresh air is required. This improves air quality where occupancy levels are high or active tasks are performed i.e a school class room or the gym. We all need sufficient fresh air to operate and some times this has to be achieved trough means of a fresh air ventilation system.

Ducted heating and air conditioning systems for complete multi room climate control of the home or office is another form of ventilation covered further in heat pumps and air conditioning systems .

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